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Imam Ghazali

Q1. Write down the full name of Imam Ghazali?

His full name was Imam Muhammad alghazali.

Q2. Write down the name of famous books of imam ghazali?

His famous books are Kemia-e-saadat Ahya-e-aloom.

Q3. According to imam Ghazali what was the concept of knowledge?

According to him prophet got real knowledge through revelation and man can get this knowledge through reasoning and thinking.

Q4. Describe two categories of knowledge by Imam Ghazali?

Imam Ghzali has divided knowledge into two broad categories:

1. Elm-e-mehmood; The knowledge which is beneficial for human being fall in this category e.g., Quran, hadith, fiqh and professional knowledge.

2. Elm-e-mazmoom: The knowledge, which is harmful for the human being fall in this category e.g. magic etc.

Q5. What are the objectives education according to Imam Ghzali?

1. Reorganization of Allah Almighty.

2. Bowing before Allah.

3. Promotion of ethical values.

4. Character building.

5. Capturing the universe.

Q6. Describe the curriculum purposed by Imam Ghazali?/what is meant by Farz-e-ain and farz-e-kafya by Imam Ghazali?

Imam Ghazali divided the curriculum into two broad categories:

a. Compulsory subjects: these include Quran, hadith, fiqh and tafseer.

b. Optional subjects: these include medicine, agriculture, politics etc.

Q7. Describe the characteristics of a teacher purposed by Imam Ghzali?

1. He should take students as his/her own children.

2. There should be a coordination in their saying and doing.

3. They should keep in mind the age, ability and intellectual level of the students while teaching.

4. They should keep on advising them.

5. Teachers should follow the moral values.

6. Teacher should not punish the students, if it become indispensible then only three lashes are allowed.

Q8. Describe the guideline for students presented by Imam Ghazali?

1. Students should not be proud of their knowledge.

2. They should be obedient.

3. They should try to master all the basic areas of knowledge.

4. They should learn different subjects step by step.

5. They should be slow and steady to gain the knowledge.

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